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Athens Steel Building can confidently meet your every expectation for the design, manufacture, delivery and erection of your metal building:


  • Each building can be as distinct and attractive in appearance as you would like
  • Accent materials such as steel, wood, brick, stone or glass are available to enhance the appearance of your building
  • Easy and economical expansion is built into your design from the beginning so your building can grow with you
  • A wide range of accessories are available including mansards, windows, doors, skylight, etc.
  • We offer a full selection of steel panel styles and colors
  • Athens Steel Building works with you to design a metal building that is economical, energy conscious, and structurally sound for you now and in the future



Our efficiently equipped fabrication plant manufactures the highest quality design in every structure. Throughout the layout, shearing, welding, painting, forming of trim, selection of accessories and shipping, we exercise careful quality control so that all of our customers are more than satisfied with their building. We believe that in every building we construct, our reputation is at stake. Many of our customers have purchased several buildings from us over the years because of the quality product that we deliver to them. When it comes to the manufacturing of your metal building, Athens Steel Building promises you:

  • A building of exceptional quality constructed at an attractive price
  • The utilization of steel components which are second to none in strength and durability
  • We use only American made steel with a tensile strength of 50,000 psi
  • All of our buildings are built to your state and local codes and we also follow industry guidelines as laid-out by the International Building Code



Your building leaves our fabricating plant on our own trucks and is delivered with care to your job site. We proceed with your job without waiting on other companies’ schedules. You can also choose to have your own delivery carrier pick-up your building from our Athens, Texas manufacturing facility.


When you order a building from Athens Steel Building, we offer you a choice of construction options to meet your needs:

  • Athens Steel Building will supply you with a complete building consisting of design, fabrication, concrete slab and erection on your building site.
  • Customers can purchase a building FOB our plant, or FOB your job site. This allows our customers to use independent contractors for the concrete slab and erection of all building components.

Because all of our buildings are designed for ease of erection, down time and problem solving in erection is minimized. Since our crews are familiar with our particular design methods of erection, many of our customers prefer to have one of our erection crews erect their building. Some of the advantages to having our crews erect your building are:

  • This usually means the customer gets his building quicker than if he were dealing with a second contractor
  • Since we erect most of our buildings, we are very particular that our components fit together properly and with ease
  • Our crews strive to see that the customer is satisfied with the finished product

Whichever choice you make, we feel that we can offer you a building of the highest quality available and a building you can be proud of for many years to come.

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