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Athens Steel Building offers a wide variety of steel buildings and metal roofing panels to meet your needs. We have found that customers have questions about our products throughout the process and we would like to take this opportunity to address a few of our most commonly asked questions.

Building FAQs

Do you manufacture your own buildings?

Yes we do! We manufacture high quality metal structures for a variety of commercial and residential uses including: barns, mini-warehouses, offices, retail locations, churches, pavilions, airplane hangars and more. Metal buildings are an excellent choice for your next construction project because they are cost efficient, energy efficient, versatile and durable.

What types of buildings do you offer to your customers?

Athens Steel Building offers a wide variety of steel construction for both commercial and residential customers. We have built barns, homes, churches, warehouses, airplane hangars, shops. You can view examples of our work in our buildings section.

How are your buildings assembled?

Our in-house design team is extremely versatile and will deliver a design to you that is economical, attractive, functional, and unique. We fabricate all buildings in our Athens, TX plant and then deliver to your site using company trucks to cut down on the expense of using commercial carriers.

Why is it important to check my local building codes?

Placing a metal building on your property is similar to any other type of construction and requires permits and meeting building codes. We build to your state and local building codes using all certified materials. We also closely follow all updates to the International Building Code to further insure that your metal building is constructed using the most current industry standards.

How can I get a quote on a building?

We have a great quote process that will walk you through all of our options. You can view all of our available colors in our color chart and view all available accessories. 

Roofing FAQs

Will a metal roof make my building get struck by lightning easier than a non-metal roof?

No, lightning will generally strike the tallest object and can strike any object. If however your building is struck by lightning, the roof is not combustible so a fire will not result from the lightning strike.

Are metal roofs noisy during a rainstorm?

No, as long as the metal roof is installed properly above an insulated attic, a metal roof will make no more noise than a traditional composition roof.

Why is a metal roof right for my home?

Metal roofing is much more durable than other types of roofing materials, with a very long life expectancy. Metal roofs are also low maintenance, energy efficient and available in many designer colors.

Does Athens Steel Building sell directly to homeowners?

Absolutely, we welcome every homeowner to visit Athens Steel Building so we can work directly with you to design and manufacture your very own metal roof.

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